The Spiritual Abstractions of Fernando M. Díaz

“I had always an aim to be an abstract painter. But I didn’t know how to. one must have very profound theoretical fundaments. It takes a long, long time to debug contents. Since I drew I was already interested in copying the body so deeply to the point it would no longer be recognized, to its disappearance. That was the process I was looking for at that time. nowadays valid painting, meaning the massively recognized, is that which tells you something and has a direct connection with reality. History of abstraction is so deep and complex; abstract painting has no easy contents; knowledge is vital. Joan miro has white paintings with one stripe. and if you ask who miro is, well he was a rigorously gurative young man once. It did not just come to his mind to put a stripe; he got there after a long and wise process”.
– Fernando M. Díaz, interview with Catalina miranda, July, 2016.


“Fernando M. Díaz VAGAMUNDO”
Guadalajara’s International Book Fair (FIL, by its spanish acronym),
Ariadna Editorial